Saginaw Family Bible Church's Leadership

The Head of the Church

We believe in full that Jesus Christ is the head of the church. Saginaw Family seeks to be a church in submission to Him and His authority as He is the ultimate and Chief Shepherd over us. Here at Saginaw Family, we also believe that under Christ, are what the Bible calls "under-shepherds" these are qualified men set apart to govern the affairs of His church and oversee the flock of God. These men the Bible also calls "Elders" or "Overseers" they are the only pastors of the church. 


At Saginaw Family the flock is shepherded by these men, as a shared leadership and authority over the flock of God. We believe in a multiplicity of leadership, as we believe this is the example given to us from Scripture for a New Testament church. This is one of only two offices described for us in Scripture as it pertains to the church. We do not affirm women as elders or pastors here at Kingdom Chapel, nor do we affirm any role other than those in the office of elder as being a "Pastor" as such is not the biblical model laid out for us in Scripture


Deacons are the second office within the local church, however are entirely different then that of the office of Elder. Deacons, are also qualified persons, however the text allow for both male or female, in this office. Deacons are assistants to the elders and serve the church in a variety of ways. This office is a non-teaching role, and is not entrusted with shepherding the flock with any authority in the church. 

Staff & Teams

Beyond this, Saginaw Family has entrusted roles and responsibilities to assist in the carrying out of ministry to various staff and teams to help the body as a whole, gifted in different ways by Christ, to be unified in the mission and work Jesus has tasked us with. If you have any further question on our leadership here at Saginaw Family please feel free to reach out to and one of our elders will be in touch.  

    Our Ministry Partners

    At Kingdom Chapel, we don't pretend to serve our community alone. We have so many partners and co-laborers we whole-heartedly support (both financially and with our time and other resources) that we would love to put you in contact with. If you are curious about this list of ministry partners, please contact us.